It's totally normal to slowly stop living before you die.

Good thing you're not normal!

You know that most people think of aging as an undesirable decline.

You've watched loved ones suffer, spending their last decades in waiting rooms reminiscing about the things they used to be able to do and the adventures that they're no longer up to.

You also know that most of the chronic diseases of aging are preventable. That it's theoretically possible to look forward to aging and live MORE as you get older, rather than less.

But is it actually possible for you?

The Health Courage Collective

Is for forward thinking women who are ready to get 100% consistent executing an intelligent plan to age like a professional (getting biologically older more slowly than they're getting chronologically older) so they can live (and give!) MORE as they get older, rather than less.

If you're ready to tip the odds in favor of you avoiding the chronic diseases of aging without making your life miserable now or alienating your less-enthusiastic loved ones, you're in the right place.

You Belong Here!

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The World Needs You At Your Best

I want to live in a world full of strong women with big ideas who are physiologically capable of taking massive action to change the future for my teenagers and their future children.

My life's mission is to get you 100% consistent executing an intelligent plan to age in a way that adds more years lived in good health to your life so that you can continue making a difference in the lives of all of the people who need you for decades to come.

Let's Get This Party Started!

My 12 Pillars of Aging Like a Professional:

  • Master your mitochondria

  • Cultivate gut integrity & wholobiome

  • Live Intentionally

  • Forge Structural Strength

  • Optimize hormones & cell signalling

  • Improve inflammation

  • Upgrade your immunity

  • Manage your allostatic load

  • Influence epigenetic changes

  • Diminish DNA damage

  • Quell senescent cells

  • Hinder stem cell exhaustion


Forward thinking women age according to a plan.

Start your plan today!


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